Lovely Ladybug #1



15 Responses to Lovely Ladybug #1

  1. Robert says:

    The art could benefit from some tweaking here and there, but otherwise I like where this is going

  2. Sketchy says:

    I loved the comic Lb, can’t wait to see more of Ladybugs adventures. Atleast now I know where to go once I get my First issue of Fuel done. I’ll bring it straight here and throw it up on the sight.

    Good luck with Ladybug!

  3. c_a3 (@c_a3) says:

    Looks like the makings of an interesting read.I hope you guys don’t mind, but I figured I’d let others know it exists by starting a web comics list profile for it. Check it out, and go ahead to make whatever changes you feel are appropriate.

  4. Jason says:

    Awsome comic so far, any rough idea when issue 2 will be ready? I can\t wait to see it since want to see who some of Lovely Ladybug’s main foes will be and if her suit has other powers it grants her besides flight and strength

  5. tekena says:

    This is pretty fantastic. I actually really like the story despite the art which is normally a REALLY big deal with me. I hope you make more, I would really hate to see this go south.

  6. luffy316 says:

    the whole thing oozes character, which seems to carry the story and idea throughout. great setup, a quick story without delving too deep. has a light and brisk pace, which I actually approve of rather than dragging on a scene more than is needed

    art could use some minor smoothing out, but not much. it’s not second-rate webcomic quality or anything, just more of a watercolor look to it that makes it a bit more loose-looking. for some reason, the colored word bubbles were very cute. caught on to those quick and approved the rest of the way

    seems like another case of /co/ ideas = “an adorable girl gets superpowers by whacky coincidence.” not that I’m complaining, since I’d read most of the stuff /co/ comes up with

  7. Jason says:

    Was wondering, what would happen if she got hit wth an EMP attack of some kid? Is her suit defened against that or would hit be disabled (or at least not functioning at full stregnth) until she fixed it?

    • teamladybug says:

      Her suit has a variety of exploitable weaknesses that Marley doesn’t know about yet, and which the more clever of her foes may try to exploit. Can’t tell you too much about them just yet, though! ;D

      • Jason says:

        Sounds intersting, can;t wait to see what these are. the only ones i can see being possible weakneses is the EMP I mentioned and fire arms (both light and heavy) but could be wrong about that (her suit looks more clothlike so was unsure of its restinces to bullet, laser and rocket fire) Doubt guns are too huge an isse though given this does not appear to be the kind of comic where a machine gun is owned by every crook in the city

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  9. This was cute. Not too serious but not super corny and boring either

  10. ladybug says:

    looks alot like my ladybug

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