Christmas in February!

Ladybug_christmas_special_finaldraft0001As promised, here’s the slightly-belated Ladybug Christmas Special! Drawn by the inimitable Magi, we filled those 5 pages full of as much holiday spirit as they could hold! Why, you can almost smell the chestnuts roasting and hear the carols in the air… which is kind of weird, actually.

It’s Christmas time in Los Palos, and unusually cold for the California shoreline! But the season of giving gets a little more complicated when your roommate could buy and sell the whole city… what do you get for the girl who has everything? Let’s see if Marley can figure it out before Lila smothers her in gifts!

If you like what you see, drop by Magi’s blog and let him know! He also takes commissions (wink wink, nudge nudge) if you’ve got a few dollars to put towards the advancement of the medium.

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One Response to Christmas in February!

  1. Gunwild says:

    Oh god I had forgotten about that face!

    Hey I just noticed the shadow of the toy there! That’s like, literal foreshadowing.

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