If you’ve ever skimmed through a Pokemon forum you probably don’t need to be told about this one, but for the rest of you:  Speedrun! Hosted on the same site as the world-famous Pokemon Hard Mode comic, AKA Nuzlocke, and written by same, Speedrun’s the story of Harry Haste, a young man who gets caught in a flamboyantly-colored downpour and finds himself blessed with the ability to do things better every time he does them! Reluctantly taking the name Speedrun, and donning a costume constructed by his ultranerd cousin Andy, Harry takes to the streets to stop crime, or at least annoy some stoners… and hopefully impress his ex!

Speedrun is written by Nuzlocke and drawn by personal friend and old-timey /co/mrade Freeglass, who you may recall did a thing or three for us! It’s updated every Wednesday,  and it’s just now starting to get into the swing of things. Go have a look- and see if you can spot a familiar face or two among the crowds!

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