Doodlebug #3!

FULL WebTime for more fun with the girls! Freeglass has kindly doodled up another installment of everybody’s favorite tangentially superhero-related roommate sitcom strip. What will Marley and Lila get up to this time? It might just be nothing… and that’s an adventure all by itself!

…sort of!

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4 Responses to Doodlebug #3!

  1. Jim Halpert says:

    When will Ladybug #3 be finished?

    • teamladybug says:

      Your guess is as good as mine. Mindwipe, our lineartist, is finding himself quite busy with his new job, but he’s doing his best!

      I might just have a little something up my sleeve to help pass the time though… well, you’ll see soon enough! ;3

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