The Crag of the Wyrm!

If you frequent /co/ and enjoy erotic literature, chances are you’ve had the pleasure of reading something by beloved writefriend Gunwild. If you have- or even if you haven’t- I’ve got some good news for you! Inspired by a piece done by the magnificent Mindwipe, Gunwild’s put together a neat little novelique- the grandly-titled “Tannah and Vard:  The Crag of the Wyrm”! It features, in no particular order: a busty barbarian; a nubile boy-toy; a big honking dragon, and heaps of adventure.

Sound good? Want to support your local writefriends?  It costs a whopping 99 cents, so put on your big spender hat and head on over to pick it up for your Nook or Kindle!

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