/co/ Project Spotlight: Project Vanguard!

Are you the creative type? Not too high on your horse to engage in a little roleplay? Well then you might just find a home in Project Vanguard! You may have seen them recruiting on the comic board of your choice- basically, they’re a superhero RP/comic hybrid. They generate stories by roleplaying, and then (if all goes to plan) they’ll turn them into comics! That’s just the kind of /co/mrade participation the /co/operative is all about!

The setting is Victory City, a formerly booming population center fallen on hard times. Years ago, it was the site of a cultural renaissance, free to grow under the protection of its mighty superhero guardians… until one day those heroes suddenly vanished without a trace, never to return. Today, two main factions vie for control of what’s left of Victory City. The heroic Vanguard, who follow the footsteps of the missing heroes, want nothing more than to see their beloved home restored to its former glory… while the moderately villainous O.M.E.N scheme to take the city’s secrets for their own.

Sound like your sort of shindig? Joining up is easy! First, go to the Superpower Wiki and click Random Page. Then, build a character around whatever power you get- and remember, rerolling is for chumps! Then all you gotta do is post your guy in one of their various threads, and you’re good to go!

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One Response to /co/ Project Spotlight: Project Vanguard!

  1. Pantheon says:

    As the official leader of the Vanguard, I openly welcome all to contribute to this ever growing project! Get on board!

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