Evolution of a Bug

In lieu of an actual update (we are working on #2 I swear to Kirby) we’re gonna take a look at how Ladybug came to be a comic and not just somebody’s dumb OC!

Her earliest incarnations are, happily, lost to the ravages of time and physical media, so our story begins with her internet debut.

It was a perfectly ordinary /co/ thread: post your superhero name and powers. A simple premise, but it dislodged a character I hadn’t thought about in years from whatever brain-nook it had snagged in. Not too long after, to better participate and apparently eager to humiliate myself, I doodled up a prototypical Ladybug kicking a then-nameless (but familiarly flamboyant) drug lord.

Ladybug's 5-seconds-in-MSpaint internet debut. Young children and the squeamish should avert their eyes.

Terrible as the art was, folks seemed to take a shine to her. The positive response was hugely encouraging, so I started to refine her costume and work out a scenario for her. Eventually, in a “pitch your comic” thread, I put it to the test.

The most recent version of the original model sheet, now blessedly obsolete.

As it turns out, people liked the idea of a dorky wannabe hero goofing off in a nigh-crimeless city. With the help of numerous /co/mrades –Sketchy, Maliciousalice, and countless anons among them- the broad concept I had began to take shape. I decided, after all the good times I had on /co/, I could give a little something back by making a Ladybug comic! “Who needs art skills?” I thought. “Surely the story is all that matters!”

No. No it isn't.

Needless to say I was wrong and it was a horrible idea. Luckily, before I could make a complete ass of myself, the /co/ Comic Festival project began! Artists and writers were getting together to create original stories for inclusion in a big compilation! Long story short, I met the amazing Dibale, we formed Team Ladybug, and we set about creating something not terrible!

Instantly she set to redesigning Ladybug’s costume, streamlining and de-cluttering it. The field emitter thingies disappeared,  the fanciful but silly energy wings were simplified into a much more practical jetpack, and she gained a stylish scarf. The suit evolved from mechanical and henchmanesque to sleek and superheroic.

Finally, something that doesn't sting the eyes!

The final design we settled on retained a pair of field emitters, on the chest and back, as well as a compromise between the jetpack and the energy wings- a backpack that split open like the original design, but flew on a blue stream of energy. Finally, Ladybug was ready to take to the skies!

Now THIS Ladybug looks ready to whomp on all kinds of mostly-harmless lowlives!

A few months later, Lovely Ladybug #1 was complete- and a few months after that, when it became apparent the Comic Festival just wasn’t going to happen, we made this site so we’d have somewhere to put it up! The stage was set for her comic debut… and the rest is internet history!

What a long, weird trip it's been.

Even before the first issue was on the internet, we decided we were going to do a second- and when the first met with such a warm response, how could we not keep going? After all, we had a ton of fun working on it… and we aim to keep doing just that. Stick around, true believers- we’re building a world here, and the best is yet to come!

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2 Responses to Evolution of a Bug

  1. Jason says:

    Would have never guessed her suit had changed so much, think the new versionworked out best sine its eaiser hide and use (gien she is a small build character lighter is proably beeter)

    Can;t wait to see issue two since its looking like it will be great 🙂

    PS congrats getting into the contest at tenton stdio 🙂

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