Ladybug Fanart Showcase!

It’s the literal truth that our comic would never have gotten off the ground if it weren’t for you guys. The overwhelming support /co/ has shown this project- even when it was nothing more than a pitch and a few amateurish doodles in MS paint- made this all possible.  We’d like to thank you all for that support by showcasing all the fanart Ladybug has received!

If we left anything out, or there’s anything you’d like to add, send it our way!

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18 Responses to Ladybug Fanart Showcase!

  1. Wow that’s a lot of fanart. Congrats!

  2. Jason says:

    Is the Frog costumed character one of her possile foes in the comics?

    • teamladybug says:

      That is Poison Dart, and she belongs to a lovely artist from /co/. It’s not obvious without context, but she’s saving Ladybug from a deadly fall! They are good buddies, those two. :3

      • Jason says:

        For soem reason it looked more like shock on ladybug’s face and assumed it was a villain capturing the hherione. Shoul be intersting to see them teaming up in the comic if Poison Dart is part of the cannon storlyline (if Poisen Dart a meta human or are her abilties tech basedl ike Ladybug’s?)

      • teamladybug says:

        She’s a meta with poison dart frog powers. Wall-clinging, poison skin, extendo-tongue… the works! I’d love to have Poison Dart as part of our little universe here but of course I’d have to talk to her creator about that… and unfortunately I don’t see her that much!

  3. Sketchy says:

    Oh man… I gotta redo Lb and Fuel together. That one I never could get Fuels face right, plus his costumes changed a bit. WELLP! Looks like it’s time for some fan art

  4. Eastwood says:

    Um, I’m sorry if it seems kinda attention-getting to note this, but I did the dynamicbug picture in that bunch. Only reason I do note it is because I’m happy you liked it enough to include! Thank you.

    • teamladybug says:

      Wonderful! I really do love that image, it’s so- well, dynamic! I love the pose, it makes it look like she’s just landed from kicking some dude in the face. I even used it as my background image for quite a while! I’m really glad you dropped in. 😀

  5. Brav says:

    Hello, I’m Brav, I post on the TenTon Studios web page & hold a weekly sketch challenge (not the ‘OFFICIAL TENTON’ Sketch Challenge, which is a really serious brew-haha), but an extra weekly challenge to hone your drawing skills with pseudo-judge reviews (meant to be funny)…I became aware of your character from one of the artists who posts on the site & made ‘the Lovely Ladybug’ the subject of this weeks ‘1 Star Theater Challenge’…here’s the link: its located in the ‘Flight Deck’, & the LLBug starts on pg9, posting starts friday, but we’ve already had one artist jump the gun & post one, but the judges will probably repediate him (whatever that means…)…hopefully we’ll post an image or 2 that you like…cool comic & character, GO LOVELY LADYBUG!!!

    • teamladybug says:

      This is absolutely tremendous. Would it be okay if we featured the submissions here on our site?

      • Brav says:

        I’m 99.9% sure everyone would have no problems with that (in fact most think that’s real cool), but I just posted a notice that if they DIDN’T want them to be posted here, to let me know before they post the pic in the challenge…

      • Brav says:

        I asked for anyone that ‘didn’t’ want to be posted to send me a mail & nobody did (& I know all these guys), so post away, let me know what you think if you want, we’re all about critiques & praise (hahaha)…

      • teamladybug says:

        Awesome! I’ll put something together posthaste! Thanks so much for this. 😀

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