Issue 0 updated

With the run of ish 0 complete on the webcomic tumblr, the new pages have been added here as well. Eventually. The direct download links are gone for now, but they’ll be back. Let me know if I messed up the upload at all, WordPress’ way of handling sequential images is kind of funky.


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Here goes the new pages!

The first couple new pages are up. Hope you’ll enjoy the extended intro to ish 0! I’ve always wanted to get some more of Marley’s dad in the comic.

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We’ve been working on that little surprise we promised, and you’ll be seeing it in short order! We’ve expanded the beginning of Ladybug #0, adding a whole bunch of extra pages delving deeper into Marley’s history. Once they’re all done, we’ll upload them here, but first we’ll be putting them up one at a time on the Lovely Ladybug tumblr! This will be the first new content that’ll go up there first, and it’ll serve as a sort of dry run to see if we can keep up this update schedule in the future. I hope you’ll follow along and check it out, or review the current edition of issue 0 so you’re ready to compare it to the deluxe version!


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Ish 5 update

Another little teaser to keep you busy while we work. We may also have a little surprise for you folks soon. Stay tuned!008

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Still not dead!

We haven’t forgotten about this site, honest! Ish 5 is chugging right along. Seems to be getting bigger all the time! Forget ish 4, this is going to be our biggest yet by a mile. Take a look, why don’tcha?


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A new Ladybug Holiday Special has arrived!

And it’s still January! Not too bad, right? Take a trip into Marley’s past and join the Bishop family for a cozy Christmas comic-reading. 1Hope everyone had a happy holiday while they were waiting, and here’s hoping the new year’s off to a good start too!

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Ladybug Holiday Special!

3Coming not quite on time, in true Ladybug fashion, is a surprise holiday special! Not to leave everyone in suspense over the Orchestron attack, but we thought it’d be fun to do something for the season. We’ll have it out shortly and then it’s back to working on ish 5. In the meantime, have a preview, or read Ladybug’s previous yuletide adventure by Magi!

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