Issue #5 has begun!

Took us a while but we got there! Head on over to the tumblr to see each new page of issue #5 as it happens, tuesdays and thursdays.

There’s also a new design breakdown out for our Patreon supporters. If you’re among those number, I hope you find it enjoyable!


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Premier Comics Summer 2017!

The latest issue of Premier is out! If you want to get an early look at the next issue of Ladybug, this is your chance! And if you’re just here for good comics, there’s plenty of those too. Premier Comics pretty much follows up on what the /co/mic /co/operative was originally made to do, which is collect creativity from the users of a certain infamous imageboard into one convenient place. If you’ve been hoping to see some more of that, give those guys a follow and you won’t go far wrong!


If you’re more the patient sort, we’ll be starting in on the colorized version of Issue #5 on the Lovely Ladybug Tumblr tomorrow, as well as uploading a new backer reward character breakdown on the Lovely Ladybug Patreon. More on that later!

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Guest Strips at the Lovely Ladybug Comic page!

Good news and bad news. The bad news is, artist Gobthegnomeking’s hard drive died and took some significant progress on issue 5 with it. And just as we were about to start on it! So that was inconvenient.

Luckily, some excellent people stepped up to bat to provide guest comics while “Team Ladybug” gets its act together. The first one is from Josh Lesnick, a name you may have heard here and there. Go on over to the tumblr to check it out!

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Announcing the Team Ladybug Patreon!


So now we’re on Patreon! It’s a small affair at the moment but we’re hoping to grow as we go. If you ever had a pressing desire to give us money, now’s your chance! You’ll be able to see some cool stuff about how the Lovely Ladybug came to be and the work that went into the setting and characters.

But of course the comics will still be posted here and on the Lovely Ladybug webcomic tumblr free of charge, so everyone can enjoy!

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Issue 0 updated

With the run of ish 0 complete on the webcomic tumblr, the new pages have been added here as well. Finally. The direct download links are gone for now, but they’ll be back. Let me know if I messed up the upload at all, WordPress’ way of handling sequential images is kind of funky.


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Here goes the new pages!

The first couple new pages are up. Hope you’ll enjoy the extended intro to ish 0! I’ve always wanted to get some more of Marley’s dad in the comic.

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We’ve been working on that little surprise we promised, and you’ll be seeing it in short order! We’ve expanded the beginning of Ladybug #0, adding a whole bunch of extra pages delving deeper into Marley’s history. Once they’re all done, we’ll upload them here, but first we’ll be putting them up one at a time on the Lovely Ladybug tumblr! This will be the first new content that’ll go up there first, and it’ll serve as a sort of dry run to see if we can keep up this update schedule in the future. I hope you’ll follow along and check it out, or review the current edition of issue 0 so you’re ready to compare it to the deluxe version!


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